Thursday, February 14, 2008

Literary Texas

I recently read a fantabulous book called Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy by Robert Leleux. My review is here.

I'd highly recommend this book, which takes place in Texas. It's funny, funny, funny. Robert was in town doing a reading at A Different Light Bookstore. That's Robert and his mother, a major character in the story. I went and listened to Robert talk about Texas. This guy made Texas a place ripe with stories.

I love going to literary events, but I fall over when it's more literary than I expected. In the front row was author Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. She wrote an amazing epistolary novel called A Woman of Independant Means. I read it as a source of inspiration to write Letters to Montgomery Clift. Here she is...

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Kelly Hewitt said...

Hi! I was traveling by and noticed that you have mentioned Robert Leleux's The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy. I just finished an interview with Robert. We don't give away any of the important details in the book. The interview, however, will give you and your readers a pretty good idea for the hilarity that's in store. Here's a link to my interview with Robert Leleux just a few days ago.