Sunday, February 17, 2008

LIterary Anais

I went to a reading coordinated by a literary friend, Stephen Reigns. It was called Anais at 105, a celebration of the writer Anais Nin who would have been 105 this year. The reading was at the Hammer Museum in Westwood and friends of Ms. Nin talked about her life. Deena Metzger was one of the friends and reminded us of a time that we had forgotten. Anais Nin actually had a hard time getting published. She published her own work because no one else would publish a woman with a certain intellect.

Of course I knew of Anais Nin, but I wouldn't say I sought out her work. Now, I will. Did you know she had two husbands! One lived in Los Angeles and the other lived in New York. She flew back and forth without telling the other. An added bonus is discovering that Anais Nin lived in my Silverlake Neighborhood.


Los Angelista said...

Two husbands? Oh that's gangster right there. No wonder I like her.

Although, come to think of it, managing one is difficult enough.

Sundry said...

Sounds like an amazing event. I read Nin in late high school or early college. Probably need to revisit!