Monday, February 18, 2008

Literary Bauby

I just came from seeing The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. It is brilliant. Any writer worth a darn should see this movie about Jean-Dominique Bauby, a magazine editor, who experiences a stroke, suffers from "locked-in" syndrome, and can only communicate with the use of his one good eye. It is a masterpiece.

I came across this book back in the 1990's. I didn't have it in me to read this tragic story. I worried about whether I could see it on screen. I was afraid of experiencing this story because I knew it would change me. For better or worse, I didn't know. All I could say is that I am a better person after seeing it. When the very paralyzed Mr. Bauby affirms that his imagination and memory were undamamged, I wanted to throw myself into the aisle and weep.

I am a more determined writer after seeing him literally blink a whole book to life. I was reminded of the power of words, the overwhelming Voice, and the strength of the human spirit. Mr. Bauby touched me. I hope he touches you.


BronzeBuckaroo said...

Talk about seeing your greatest fear. I cannot imagine being trapped in my own skin as Bauby without being able to speak and do simple tasks for myself. Bauby is an inspiration to everyone, including those "locked-in" in other ways than shown with him.

Peter Varvel said...

This makes me want to read the book, now. Could you read it now?

thelastnoel said...

Bronze, what makes this movie so amazing is that other people in the movie discuss what it means to be "locked in," which also makes the movie so dear.

Peter, I think at 40, I have the maturity to read a book that I couldn't read at 27. I'm putting it on my list.

Don Cummings said...

Okay...I am being inundated from all corners to see this movie. I'll do it, by Joe. Wink.

Sundry said...

Thanks for the recommendation!

Peter said...

I too enjoyed this movie thoroughly... what force of spirit. I only hope I would be able to do such a thing (though I hope I never have to!). The movie was brilliant -- I've enjoyed Julian Schnabel's other flicks as well. My b/f and I did get a little nauseous from the camera work... but that was effective.