Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Literary Screw Up

It has been an overwhelming time at work and in my personal life. May and June is Asian Heritage and gay pride, respectively. That means go, go, go! for my non-profit. I was involved in planning and enacting several events, reapplying for a grant, and worried about two people with health problems. It's been a blur.

It was so busy that I completely forgot about a local televison interview I was supposed to do to promote my novel. Aw *#*@*#*#*! I couldn't believe I screwed up so badly. Ur, needless to say, the anchor/producer was not happy...and I could kiss that opportunity good-bye.

I hate when my writing career suffers because my attention is pulled away. Oh, well. Try better next time.


jasonphoon said...

missed a tv interview ? aww man.

difficult times eh ? guess that explains the lack of updates on this blog.

anyways, hang in there man. hope things will be better ...

Don Cummings said...

You poor thing! How wretched!
It's either
"There are no accidents"
"Make sure you buy a handheld scheduler that beeps!"

Good Lord.

circuitmouse said...

It's pretty strange for a tv outlet not to call and call again to confirm/remind. Cut yourself some slack; it's your book, but THEY are partly to blame. That's just good journalism sense. Mind you, this is from a former editor-in-chief of a nat'l pub.

Liz said...

Eek. Oops. You need a clone to take the anchor/producer to dinner and get him/her a little inebriated. Well, very inebriated. Then you can call the next day and leave a message like, "I'm so glad we re-booked for next week. Great having dinner with you and I'll see you then." (A friend did this once with an A&R rep from Jive Records. It worked.)

Cheryl said...

That's just life's way of telling you to make some chill time for yourself. Next time you're lounging by a pool with a margarita, you can say to yourself, "I'm taking care of my mental health so that I can be better at remembering important appointments." Get thee to a pool!

Pete said...

Sounds like you're really on a roller coaster these days, Noel. With all the activities you're involved in I hope you can take some time to center yourself and recoup! Hang in there, and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

You need a publicist, dude.