Friday, May 01, 2009

Literary Check

You are a professional if you get paid. I got my first writers check of 2009. Woo-hoo! I am a professional writer for yet another year. It was for a hundred and fifty dollars. Papa's going to by some groceries!!!


Cheryl said...

When I visited a high school last year, one of the frequent and inevitable questions was, "How much do you get paid as a writer?"

I said, "I've gotten paid about $300."

"Three hundred thousand? A year?" they asked. "Three hundred a story?"

I said, "Three hundred EVER. TOTAL." It is my job to dash their little dreams.

Frederick Smith said...

It's so funny how people tend to think writers are paid like other folks whose work is public. I always tell them that writers are on the bottom rung of the entertainment totem pole :-)

mr jp said...

What about self-publishing ?

Nice Noel, I learn a little more about the publishing world everytime I read your blog (and the comments:)