Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Literary Recommendation: Mens Vogue

I never thought I'd be recommending the international edition of Mens Vogue for literary influence, but I am. I was perusing the magazine section of Skylight Books and began reading the English version of Vogue Hommes International. It was dedicated to older men. As a man who is getting older, I was interested. They featured male models of old, well the 1980's, and I remembered those faces who I saw on billboards and magazines in my youth. They were still handsome. Even with wrinkles and lines, these men held up.

I was more thrilled to see to see features on Don Delillo, Martin Amis and John Waters. There were also interesting pieces on desinger Giorgio Armani and artist Ed Ruscha. A photographic essay on Iggy Pop was also quite entertaining.

Run out and get this issue right now! It'll serve up hours of good reading.


Naomi Hirahara said...

I've decided to stop coloring my hair and let the gray grow in -- so far, none of my female peers seem to be enthused about my decision. There are even web sites and support groups dedicated to this "transition." Strange to think that looking your age -- but still good, mind you -- would be akin to making a political statement!

p.s. I finally have the time to catch up on my TBR pile; I've finally started TALKING TO THE MOON. I'm loving it -- good work, Noel!

Peter Varvel said...

LOVE this - thanks, Noel!
(and Naomi, I try to convince my fifty-something Japanese American partner NOT to color his hair . . . I think the natural gray is attractive on both women and men!)