Sunday, December 12, 2010

Difficult Writing: Eulogy

I had one of the hardest writing assignments ever! I was asked to write a eulogy. A friend and colleague passed away suddenly just before Thanksgiving. A handful of people were asked to eulogize him. I was one of them. I kept putting it off and putting off. Finally, I had to get down to it and write the best way I knew how. It's an emotional experience because it is ultimately a good-bye note.

The last time I wrote a eulogy was when my father died. To this day, my dad's eulogy was the most difficult thing I'd ever written.

Writing novels or plays is nothing compared to having to write one of these suckers.


Sundry said...

I'll bet you did a great job, though. What better way to use your talents than in this sort of celebration? I've written a couple of memorial poems at the request of my husband's family, and while they were difficult emotionally, there was something oddly freeing about the specificity of the task. It's wonderful that you are able to offer your words when they are needed most.

Peter Varvel said...

And ((hugs)) to you, my friend.

Peter Varvel said...

Make that, RIP, PC (PJC)

Cheryl said...

I've never written a eulogy, but I did write a tribute in the program thingy at my mom's memorial service--totally emotional, and then it was weird to take edits from my dad, who was like, "Add more about Aunt Vanessa, and don't forget Linda."