Sunday, November 07, 2010

When the writing hurts, paint!

Sometimes writing hurts. It just hurts. The sentences are slow going and the words feel like boulders being upchucked from my throat. However, I commit to being creative every single day. If the writing doesn't do it, it's performance or redecorating or cooking or sewing.

Well, performance can be harder to come by than writing. There are only so many ways I can move the couch. The recipes and spices run out. That cumbersome sewing machine just gets too heavy to take out of storage. The great thing about being creative is finding other ways to be creative.

Over the Summer, I started painting. After admiring those who do it, I gave myself permission to try it. Got some canvas, paint and brushes, and away I went. It's been fun and relaxing. I even sold one to my brother in Texas!


Anonymous said...

Blogspot needs a Like button. >Like<

Cheryl said...

Lovely! Lately my writing has been equally boulder-in-the-throat-esque (or maybe the problem is that there's no boulder, no throat at all). So this inspires.

thelastnoel said...

Thanks, A. Cheryl, as long as we're being creative in SOME way, I think we'll be appeased!

Peter Varvel said...

Noel, I can't wait to view your pieces in person.
So far, in the paintings posted, I see your lifelong love affair with the City of Angels extending into this new venture as well.
Well done!