Friday, October 24, 2008

Literary Remnant

Earlier this week, I attended the "Fifth Intentional Conversation at The Cathedral" sponsored by the Saving Remnant Society. It was a gathering of local actors, writers, visual artists to ponder the theme, Artist as Storyteller: Our Art as Personal, Cultural or Global Narrative.

It was invigorating to have this conversation, particularly at The Cathedral?!?!? It was refreshing that the Catholic Church would have an event for artists--of varying backgrounds, religions, and creeds--to talk about how our work fit into the global scheme of things.

Joe, Trey, and Jami were my lunch buddies above.

At this meeting, I also discovered that I won't melt when on hallowed ground.


Cheryl said...

Thinking of my art as a global narrative sounds like a lot of pressure. I'll start with personal and try to work my way up to cultural.

Peter Varvel said...

Yeah, but were there any lightning bolts, or at least the ominous rumblings of thunder? LOL

Sundry said...

Glad to hear you got in and out with your cells all properly arranged.