Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Literary Collection of Shorts

I'm putting the novel away at this time. It's...it's...making my head hurt. I'm looking at my short story collection. Currently, I have five stories. Maybe another five to go? I'm turning to the short story because, well, I want to finish stories within a reasonable period of time.

My novel was depressing me. I couldn't see an end in sight. Ugh.


Peter Varvel said...

You deserve a break today (said Pop-culture Pete).
You've got time - you're only 40!

kalikasmom said...

Noel - sorry to hear about the novel - perhaps some distance will make it less depressing. Anxious to read your short stories - a favorite genre. Good luck!

Don Cummings said...

Oh My friend!
I have OPEN TRENCH, my memoir sitting here...all edited and marked up by you---which I abandoned for a while because of rejections. I must go back, though. You move forward. Do THOSE SHORT STORIES. Have a great time. You'll be back.

Anonymous said...

When your head starts hurting...it probably is time to take a break and relax with a cup of tea...After all, it will come together when it's ripe.
Don't get stressed.