Saturday, October 04, 2008

Literary Elitism

You see this woman on the left? Her name is Eleonor Clift. She was married to Brooks Clift, Montgomery Clifts brother. This woman was Montgomery Clift's sister in law!

BUT we probably best know her for her work in journalism. She wrote this aritlce here. The article talks about how the McCain camp might use the strategy of attacking Obama by calling him elite.

Though McCain comes from military royalty and married an heiress, Obama is the elite one. What a fine message to send to all of the men and women of color in America. God forbid you go to school and get an education, because you might be seen as uppity by white people.

I find this interesting. Republicans who aren't for Equal Opportunity Programs and believes that minorities need to work harder without relying on goverment programs. However, when someone like Obama comes along, they don't like it.

This whole things screams of racism. I'm surprised that no one isn't making more of a stink about this.

In the mean time, it's okay to have an idiot and a fake like Sarah Palin. Rachel Maddow hits the nail on the proverbial head.


Don Cummings said...

Loving Rachel Maddow.
I hear it all, Noel.
But I do think a hard rain is falling on these Republicans. PLus, they have NOTHING.

Cheryl said...

The Republicans have managed to equate intelligence with elitism, to the point where I actually heard one woman-on-the-street voter on NPR apologetically say, "I'm voting for Obama. I know maybe it sounds elitist, but I just think he's the smartest candidate." NO, IT DOESN'T SOUND ELITIST.

Sundry said...

Thanks for your comments and the link, Noel. I'm stealing this clip for my blog!

Anonymous said...

"You see this woman on the left?" picture is actually on the right. But I'm not correcting you.

Actually unconsciously you avoided saying the word RIGHT. You un-righted the right here. To you, the right thing is the LEFT's agenda...:)....

Great blog.


(Am not a stalker, just passing by...)