Thursday, July 24, 2008

Literary Closet

I've always been a closet poet. I've written plays, novels, short stories. All of these take forever to finish. I've had stories waiting to be finished for over ten years!

I want some closure. I think poems can help me achieve this. So, here's a poem. No workshops, no revisiting. It's finished.

On Being 40

I am in the middle.
I am half
More full, than empty.


Peter Varvel said...

Love this.
I am optimistic, though, that being in your forties is not quite the half way point, yet.
I hope.

mr jp said...

I am a quarter.

I am still empty and learning.

How do you do this ? I like yours better ...

Don Cummings said...


Peter said...

You are such a young 40. Enjoy your life, Noel! You are such an encouragement to us.