Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Literary Caricature

I hate narcissistic blogs where all you see are pics of the author, but I had to show this. I've never been a caricature before. It was done by Rama Hughes (http://www.ramahughes.com/) for Skylight Books. See other Skylight staff drawn like this here.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

Why do you hate my blog?

Peter Varvel said...

I don't think that's narcissistic - I think that's pretty darn cool art!
(and no disrespect meant to Rama Hughes, but I also think you're better looking than the way you are depicted in this caricature)

Don Cummings said...

I love it!

Peter said...

Yeah, I agree with Peter V.... it's a cool pic but you are handsomer than that!