Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Literary UCLA

Last week I was a part of an amazing literary event at UCLA. MAKE ARTSTOP AIDS and AIDS Project Los Angeles teamed up to do a reading of Corpus, a literary journal from APLA. Students (above: Coordinator Bobby, with readers Sarah, Turquoise, and Nick) were asked to "respond" to work published in the journal. It was one of those events that made me glad to be a writer. The night was truly magicial. More established writers read their work, then heard how students reacted to it. The room was packed and good vibes went around.

Pato Hebert from APLA did a great job with the journal, a publication that included Sherman Alexie, Elton Naswood, Jaime Cortez, and Keith M. Harris.

On another note, I was asked to write something up for the Center for the Study of Women on campus. I wrote a personal essay on my experience with AIDS and the work of women in the MAKE ARTSTOP AIDS exhibition. The essay also ran on the website for the International Institute. Check it out here.


Peter Varvel said...

Ravishing indeed, in both definitions.
Thank you for this, Noël.

kalikasmom said...

Noel, Sounds like a wonderful event. I have tried several times to follow the link to your essay but have not been successful, is anyone else having this problem? I would really like to read it. Thanks Jill

thelastnoel said...

It looks like it was up for a day. Then, so long! Alas, kalikasmom, so it goes.

kalikasmom said...

How rude of them! I guess I will need to be quicker next time, ah my loss, I am sure.

Los Angelista said...

Not currently published for public use! Ah, well, the early bird gets the worm and I am not that bird today!

I really admire all the work you do for AIDS. I was just writing on my own blog last week about two neighbors who had it. Sadly, I didn't know them and didn't know their story till last week.