Thursday, May 01, 2008

Literary "Times" Remix

As we head into the weekend, here are memories of the Times Book Fair from a weekend past.

Cheryl Klein poeting and writing in her booth, Poets and Writers. Check out her blog here.

Lavonne and Emily from Skylight Bookstore, my launching pad. You know they're sweltering in that heat. That smile proves their great actresses.

Me and my friend Gali trying to look cool in the cool shade of my camera.


kalikasmom said...

It really is the best weekend of the year, though it would have been nicer if it had been at least 20 degrees cooler!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

What a star-studded event! But you're seriously lacking in photos of literary types making out. Intellectuals dry-humping is hot.

Cheryl said...

The writing's not so hard, but the, that'll take a lot out of you.

Los Angelista said...

Trying to look cool? Hmph! You know you posted that picture just cuz you're looking hot in it! Love the haircut!

Really, it all looks thoroughly enjoyable. Glad you had such a wonderful time.