Saturday, May 03, 2008

Literary Slamming

Last week, I hosted the Dead Poet's Slam an annual event produced by Smartgals, an incredible org doing amazing sight specific work. The Slam pits a group of dead poets against another group of dead poets. This year the rivalry was West Coast dead poets vs. East Coast dead poets. Writers, performers, actors intrepret the work and get judged by a panel of experts. One performer interpreted Langston Hughes, while another interpreted Charles Bukowski. And so on. The dead East Coast poets won. Not only is the event fun, but it brings together a great group of talented people.
Screenwriter Nevin Schreiner and Smartgals Leader Christine Louise Berry.
Slammers included writer Brendan Constantine and actor Shawn Michael Howard.
Memoirist and judge Rita Williams with Judge and Smartgals guy Tau-Mu Yi.
Poet and Judge Chris Davidson with writer Aimee Bender.
And there I am, host. I was in a goofball mode, dressing in the spirit of the evening's fun. Hence, the updturned collar and funny tie.


Grace T said...

I love these photos, Noel. I've been wanting to meet MHK for forever--I'm so jealous, but I basically would want to tell her what you told her so perhaps I can just consider it done. I talked about her in a Boston Globe interview--maybe she'll read it someday and know.

Alonso and I were just lamenting how far away we are from the LA Times Festival of Books. But it's nice to see these photos of everyone! Looks like you're having a lot of fun.

Peter Varvel said...

Goofball mode or not, I like the look!

Cheryl said...

Wait, is that poets from the east coast performing the work of dead poets from wherever? Or poets from wherever performing the work of dead poets from the east coast?

Either way, I say: Westsiiide!

Don Cummings said...

Can I borrow that tie?

thelastnoel said...

Grace, you need to come back West!

Cheryl, It was local writers interpreting the work of East coast poets. It was most fun.

Peter and Don, I knew my look would appeal to men of a certain...persuasion.