Sunday, October 07, 2007

Literary Scripting

I'm tossing and turning on how to make my third novel work. I'm not freaked out about it. I just know that this is part of the novel writing process. I get frustrated about what happens next, then suddenly in the midst of rush hour traffic it all becomes clear.

I'm also heavily involved in planning the 20th anniversary gala for the nonprofit I've been with for 14 years. Here's a sample of other writing that I'm doing. It's part of the script for the eveing. The following is what our host Amy Hill will say at some point in the evening:

"Before we serve dinner, I want you to know that we have an evening of dance and laughs in store for you. An amazing dance company will be performing for you soon and so will Dat Phan, Winner of Last Comic Standing. Enjoy dinner!"

Not exactly art, I know, but it's keeping the writing muscle very much alive.


Peter Varvel said...

This is a great peek at behind-the-scenes. It's too easy to think that any recognizable face in the media is speaking their own words at a public event.
Oy! The life of a writer--sometimes no recognition, and a lot of times, no pay.
. . . just guessin', here.

Paul said...

Oh, Dat Phan. I like him. Funny and cute.

BTW, that was me shouting your name from a passing car in downtown on Friday.

Don Cummings said...

Sometimes, you just have to write the patter!

Pete said...

Wow, you are always up to something, Noel! Hope all goes well. Can't wait to read your new novel!

Cheryl said...

Good to know rush hour traffic is good for something.