Sunday, October 28, 2007

Literary Hook

For Halloween, I chose to be a literary villain. I will be Captain Hook from JM Barrie's classic tale "Peter Pan." I began to think about what Hook means to me and why I chose this persona. In Peter Pan, also known as "The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up," Captain Hook lost his hand because of Pan. Hook replaced his missing appendage with a hook; thus, his name. An alligator ate the hand and found it delicious, so tasty, in fact, that the alligator followed Hook hoping to eat more of him. Fortunately, for Hook, the alligator also swallowed a clock and Hook knows that the alligator is approaching when he hears ticking.

I'm nearing forty. I wondered if my need to be Hook is my inner most self experiencing aggression toward youth, symbolized by Peter Pan. The tick-tock of the alligator is a constant reminder of my eventual demise. By being Hook this Halloween, I wondered if I'm becoming that crochety old fellow who mutters cliches like, youth is wasted on the young? Is my psyche telling me that I am aging, left battled-scarred, parts of me eaten by time and left with a sharp left hook to show for it?

Or did I choose to be Hook this Halloween because Pirates are really big this season and I got caught up in the hype? Maybe I chose to be Hook so I have an excuse to wear a wig, ruffles and a big hat!


Jason Phoon said...

I don't remember so much about Hook in the disney adaptation, hmmm ..

perhaps you are overthinking your costume ... .

then again , pirates are fun!

Peter Varvel said...

Photo, please, in an upcoming post.

Don Cummings said...

Ah, you are thinking quite a bit about your late thirties Halloween. Forget Youth! It's overrated.

Liz said...

I definitely think a photo is in order so we can all psychoanalyze whether you are having your midlife crisis or just trying to be down with the Jack Sparrow mania.