Friday, August 17, 2007

Literary Nudge

My agent called me this week. I've said this before: I think he's just great. He wanted to know how my third novel is coming along.

I told him that I printed out a draft and I'm reviewing it. He'd like to see something soon. He gave me some advice. He thinks I should settle down, find a nice guy. I'm too social when I'm single. If I'm married, I'll buckle down...and write.

I really do respect his advice. I guess I have to go out more and find a dude to call my own.


jasonphoon said...

not too sound too cynical, but I thought most creative endeavours come from the frustration of being single ... therefore getting married might just upset that edge.

on the flipside, you could finda muse .. hmmm

Joe said...

That's very generous and sage advice. Having someone to give you emotional support can be so valuable to the creative process.

Pete said...

Hmmm, I'm conflicted. I guess it's about balance. I mean, you need to be social and have outlets outside of your home and keyboard. I don't know, it just hits me as strange advice. I mean, I am in a sort of a relationship, I mean, we're exclusive, but we don't call it anything. Day at a time kind of thing. And that keeps me busier than when I was single.

I think there's definitely positives to having a solid, mutually supportive relationship... but to say you should do that in order to write more... kind of weird to me.

I think it's kind of ironic though that you say you "have to go out more" to find a dude to call your own... so if you're out looking so much, how can you get your writing done?? :)

Hang in there, Noel... it'll work out.


Peter Varvel said...

As much as I can complain about being tied down by Domestic Partner ("Mr Needy"), having him want me to stay home night after night has been helpful in getting some actual writing done.

It's easy to be too busy when you're single, and Noel, you are always crazy-INSANE-busy, doing the combined schedules of three whole people, usually. SCHIZOPHRENIA.

There are many times when I wish I were single and had my freedom.
But it seems the grass is always greener . . .

Take the advise that Balanchine gave to his ballet dancers: "You won't have time for a boyfriend. Get a cat."

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Someone find Noel Almumit a man! NOW!

Liz said...

On the other hand, since I'm married and having a hard time buckling down and writing, maybe I should consider becoming single? I'll wake my husband up right now and tell him that even though we just celebrated year eight, it's over because he's clearly distracting me!

thelastnoel said...

Jason: Um, from reading your blog, I think the frustrations of being single is your inspiration--LOL.

Joe: Having somone give me emotional support is great. The problem is I have to give it back. LOL.

Pete: I think you're right. Balance is good. I've been single waaaaaay to long. It was my choice, but I'd like to hang with someone for awhile, I think.

Peter: I know, I know. I'm too busy. I thought tha a relationship would make me busier. I should look at it as slowing me down.

Prince: you know alot of guys--help.

Liz: That's too funny! Don't blame me for a messy divorce.

Rich said...

It's great to have someone push you in an encouraging way. All I get is: "When the hell are you going to finish that damn thing??" But still, it is encouragement in its own way...

And yes, you should settle down with the right guy, but as opposed to being too social, you might find all new things to interfere with your writing (not necessarily in a bad way!). Meanwhile you've published two books so you must be doing something right...