Thursday, August 16, 2007

Literary Cities

A librarian friend of mine e-mailed me this link listing the most literate cities in America. It's interesting that the East Coast did not dominate the top ten. Ur, my city of Los Angeles made number 57...out of 70 cities.

The Top Ten

1. Seattle, WA

2. Minneapolis, MN

3.5. Atlanta, GA

3.5. Washington, DC

5. St. Paul, MN

6. Pittsburgh, PA

7. Cincinnati, OH

8. Denver, CO

9. San Francisco, CA

10. Portland, OR


Peter Varvel said...

#57 out of 70?! Let's change that, one author/novelist at a time!

Rich said...

Hey! Where's New York?? We read lots of stuff: billboards, candy wrappers, graffiti tags, porn, neon signs, obituaries (to snag new apartments)--the list is endless. Fugghedaboutit! It's a fix!

Pete said...

Atlanta is tied for third??!!! Wow! I'm impressed with my town. Of course, I live half a block from the world's best gay bookstore, Outwrite books! (And they're even carrying my new book, even though it's not outwardly gay!).


Liz said...

Atlanta is 3rd? See, next time someone tries to tell me some craziness about how black folks don't read, I'm gonna tell them this.

circuitmouse said...

This list is updated yearly; I'm soomwhat suspicious of their methodology, though. Last year, LA bought more books per capita than NY ...but then, we have those folks on the Westside who buy books as accessories to match their decor!