Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Literary Fonts

I'd been looking at typeset pages of my novel. It's interesting seeing the type laid out. It does make a difference seeing my name written on the cover page. A swirly--is that a word?--font is used to spell Noel Alumit. It's interesting. It gives my name a ponderous, romantic, old-world feeling. As opposed to the Times New Roman font I always use, hoping to appear direct and modern.

A font makes a big difference.


Cheryl said...

I miss Flexure, which I had on my old computer. Not a good font for body text, but great for titles.

Rich said...

Technically, it would be called a script font.

For all the years I've been in book/media publishing I've loved designing with fonts. I went through at least twenty samples just to come up with the ones on my blog site. The right font can tell the whole story without having to read a word; the wrong font can destroy whatever a writer is trying to convey!

Anonymous said...

each font has its own little personality... I love them. maybe I sound crazy.. but I went to college for graphic design.. the wrong font can be a disaster.