Saturday, October 14, 2006

Literary Fat

Last night I went to see a friend's play. It's called "The Fat of the Land" by Don Cummings. It's interesting seeing work by a playwright. The words have to be heard and not read. It takes one actor to change the intention of a sentence.

It's always a sticky sitch going to a friend's play. The stars have to be aligned for everything to work. It's not just the writer, it's the actors, designers, and director working together.

One of the reasons I turned away from the stage and toward the novel is because I didn't want to have to collaborate that much. Novelists are control freaks.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Fat." Go see it. It's an honest to goodness play. There wasn't incredible light or sound effects. No extravagant costumes or scene changes. It's about people and their lives and their relationships to each other. It's playing in Hollwyood. Check out Don Cumming's website:

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