Monday, July 17, 2006

Literary Photo: "Serious" Winner

Thanks to all for participating in my poll. With the posts, the personal e-mails, and people I asked around the water cooler, the "serious" photo won by a landslide (45 to 26).

Expect to see this photo in my next book. Also, this photo will probably be used in most publicity--ur, I hope there will be publicity.

Some choice quotes that people e-mailed me:

"The smiling one looks stiff and phoney to me."

"Having to vote for one, I think I'd go for the smiley one? Or is it the serious one? Well, the smiley one looks like it's been touched up. The serious one looks more natural. I would go with the serious one."

"The serious shot you look more 'doable'.”

"Neither. You don't look good in either picture."


Cheryl said...

Are you at a playground in both? That's great. Writers should always be playful (but not in a creepy-guy-hanging-out-at-the-playground way, which I think you avoid, so--good work!).

thelastnoel said...

I'm in Echo Park. What a wonderful location!

Anonymous said...

Echo Park! Is that the one Ryan Cabrera based one of his songs on? (I love that song "Echo Park.")

How does it look like? How are you?

Take care.

- Angelo :-)

thelastnoel said...

Hmmm. AS far as I know, there is only one Echo Park--how Los Angeles of me to say. There's a big lake in the park. Is that the one?

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll send you a 'cleaned-up' version (minus the blemishes), that's both a high-contrast black & white + high-fi color. GOOD CHOICE on the 'serious' version (that's what I would chosen). -- E!