Monday, July 03, 2006

Literary Expats

I am always flattered when someone chooses to use me or my work to educate others. Pinoyexpats is "an online magazine providing practical information, news features and visuals for Filipino expatriates and immigrants all over the world, with special focus in Europe. Our aim is to feature opinions, advice and ideas to encourage networking among Filipinos."

Pinoyexpats is dedicating an issue to gays and lesbians. Take a look. (Oh, a sample chapter from my next novel Talking to the Moon is part of the interview.)

Ericson Herbas did the photo.


Paul said...

Excellent interview and excellent excerpt!

Quoc said...

Noel! I didn't know you had a blog of your own!!! Very cool... With your permission, I'd like to add a link to your blog in my links page... Hoping to continue to stay in touch with you... Very very cool... I love the creative use of consistent headers for your journals!



Rich said...

What Paul said. Good pic too.

Don Cummings said...

Nice article. And pic. Your new book excerpt---wonderful.

Sundry said...

Love the chapter sample. It's very strong and it really moves. Congrats!

Mack said...

Noel, I found your blog in the article in UCLA Quarterly. Glad I found it. Excellent interview and first Chapter. Loved it. P.S. My wife is Filipino (help) Just kidding.