Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Love

I did a reading of Aurelio Locsin's play "Family Affair." It was really fun studying a character again and doing ensemble work on stage. I never thought going to "rehearsal" would be such joy again.

In the audience was someone who was more familiar with my literary life. He'd seen me host at Skylight, and he told me that he knew I did other things...but not acting! I told him that theatre was my first love. It's still a love.

However, I started to write because my first love was always hard to come by. She was like the popular girl you wanted to spend time with in high school, but she would only give you the time of day at her whim.

I probably wouldn't have written if the acting game wasn't so hard. Now, that I've written and consider myself a writer, could I return to my first love? And not feel slighted if she chooses not to spend time with me? Would I find joy just in the pursuit of her?


Ted said...

I know you exclusively by your writing, but I say, "why not have a husband and a mistress too!" (not that I have anything against monogamy). Perhaps you might overhear something from your first love that informs the second. In the arts (in life I think it's O.K. too) having more than one love can be a good thing.

Cheryl said...

Wait, are you calling writing the chubby girl who's easy to get into bed? :-)