Friday, January 07, 2011

Notes from the Front Lines

I ran into Marisela Norte a few months ago. (Read previous post about Gronk at MOCA) She was upbeat, and we talked writing and creativity. I had no idea she was laid off. Then again, I'm not sure what "laid off" looks like. With all the news of the economic downturn, I'd always known that no one knows the pain of unemployment or job rejection like artists. It is something we've known from the gate. During this time, artists feel the sting even more. I know a painter who hasn't sold a painting since the market went bad in 2008. I know many writers who haven't sold a book in awhile--including me!

Here is an article of an artist making do. It was quite refreshing to read. As artists, we are resilient souls. Let's show the world how creative people live creatively!

Article here.

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