Friday, March 26, 2010

Political Erotica

Guess who wrote sex scenes. I thought this was hilarious. I actually warmed to these people. Writing sex scenes is hard. Read this in Huffington.


Ted said...

This is just the beginning. For some reason, erotic novels written by D.C. insiders are a big thing. Lynne Cheney wrote a lesbian themed novel (this was before her daughter came out) and that Richard Cheney Aide who went to jail also wrote an erotic novel of some sort. And don't even get started with the Buckley family (personally, I think John Buckley was the best writer of fiction among them). I had no idea Nancy Pelosi had written one too. Congratulations to her, especially for getting health insurance reform passed, but also for showing her creative side. -Ted Cornwell

Welcome said...

Oh Lawsy! Well, sex sells. And we're all sexual, in our own special way!