Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New York, New York

I'd been reflecting on the last several days. I went to New York for the purpose of dropping off my manuscript and reconnecting with my agent, Al Zuckerman, a man I hadn't seen in five years. He's the founder of Writers House, a literary agency. We talked about work, which seems to be going well for Writers House, a place that saw the wild success of two of their authors: Stephanie Meyer (The Twilight Series) and Michael Lewis (The Blind Side).

Then the conversation turned to me and my collection of short stories, which even Al had to admit would be a hard sell. Yikes. I'd been through this process before and know the dance. This dance might be a little harder to move to. The publshing industry has been hit hard by the economy and they're more picky about who to place into print. I know finer writers who didn't get their books published in the last two years and, well, that's just the reality.

My book will be read by my agent, then returned to me. I revise, then back to my agent. He reads it again, and more revisions. This process could take a year. Maybe by then the economy would have improved. We'll see.

Regardless, I had a blast in the Big Apple: sight seeing, catching a play on Broadway, hanging out with my friend Stephen (who was kind enough to host me--Thanks, Sir!). I hadn't been to New York in several years and was blown away at how Times Square has turned into Las Vegas. It was rather overwhelming. Hence, my expression in the photo.

Something tells me I'll be back in that town sooner than later.


Cheryl said...

I feel like everything that ISN'T Twilight is a hard sell these days. But if your collection is as awesome as your novels, I'm sure it will find its way into the world. As great as New York is, I feel tiny and intimidated by all that important publishing stuff every time I go. It's nice to return to the elbow room of L.A.

Welcome said...

Next time...you come visit me and I'll take you to the un-Times Square!

thelastnoel said...

Cheryl, it's hard out there in the publishing world--I know you already know, but needs to say it again and again and again.

Don, you're on.

Anonymous said...

Hard doesn't begin to describe it, eh? Never been to NY. I figure I'll get there when I'm published (or at least agented.) If we're there at the same time, I'll by dinner. You name the place.
Great picture. Love smiling faces.

Carson Flanders