Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Literary Sexuality

There was a time when discussing sexuality was taboo. It seemed to me when people began to talk about it, it came from every group you can imagine: men, women, gay, straight, people from all races--except Asian America!

Believe me, working in AIDS for as long as I did, it was hard getting Asian Americans to talk about sex and sexuality. Things are certainly a lot better now. But, Boy!, was it hard.

I'm proud to say that I recently had work anthologized in a new book edited by Gina Masequesmay and Sean Metzger. It's called Embodying Asian American Sexualties. It's a bit pricey at $60.00. However, maybe you can get your local library to keep it in stock.

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Cheryl said...

Wow, that is pricey--but you're priceless! Congrats!