Friday, February 20, 2009

Literary Return

Remember this post? It was about leaving the Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team, an organization that I'd been with for 15 years. I went to the UCLA Art Global Health Center doing great work (like the marriage project in my last post).

Well, I went back to APAIT. They made me a wonderful offer to return. And I accepted. I'm still involved with Art Global Health, remaining on their advisory board.

It's odd being back. It's the same and different, comfortable and new. I love the 15 minute drive to work (45 min-1 hr to UCLA) and being back in downtown. I spend almost two hours of my day driving. Having to drive more really made my writing suffer. I noticed that I even blogged less in 2008 (82 posts as opposed to over 100 in previous years.)

Here's to old and new things, which includes a better writing schedule.


Hugo Minor said...

Hey, I just started working in downtown! If you're ever up for lunch or coffee let me know.

(gallagher) said...

You popped up on my "global health" news alerts and this was the first I have heard of the UCLA center. Would it be possible to get more information or does the center have any online exhibits or videos that can be shared?

Please drop us an email at thdblog AT gmail dot com. Thanks!

thelastnoel said...

Hi Hugo,

Yeah, I'd love to hang in downtown!

thdblog, I'll hook you up.