Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Literary Circumcision

Not everything I did in Mexico was vacation. I did have to write to earn my keep. Part of my going to the International AIDS Conference was to cover it for the Global Voice, the official publication of the conference, and to write something for IN Los Angeles Magazine.

I was given two hours to write an 800 word article. I was thrown into the manic buzz of the press room (see below). Journalists from all over the world frantically tried to get the jumbled words to flow into some cohesive article.

My story was on "Male Circumcision: To Cut or Not To Cut." I went to a panel discussion on circumcision and how it can reduce HIV infection. I wrote another article on the reduction of stigma and homophobia for IN Los Angeles.Here's a picture of me typing away.

Check out one of the articles that I wrote Here.


Peter Varvel said...

You should have Mr. JP demonstrate the benefits of being circumcised as an adult!
With the progress you have been able to see during your own activist career, how possible do you think it will be to see in our lifetime MSM included as a priority in any national AIDS plan?

thelastnoel said...

Well, Peter, it depends on the country. In the US, it's more of a priority than countries in Africa or Asia.

Grace T said...

This is impressive. I love the photo of you typing away. Two hours, 800 words. Wow. And you did a great job, too. I enjoyed the article. Congratulations!

Don Cummings said...

I wish I still had my tip.

thelastnoel said...

HI Grace, the article you read took longer than two hours. It took some revisions with another writer, Karen Ocamb, to get it just right. My circumcision piece took the 2 hours and I'm arranging to have it published here in the US.

Don, your "tip"? Oh, YOUR TIP! I get it.

Anonymous said...

Writing for GlobalVoices must be big. I have deep respect for the things that get published there.

Your article was a refreshing viewpoint on HIV/AIDS and its way of transmission. Not many young people (and those are the groups facing highest risk of infection) can see past sexual behavior and sharing of needles as methods of transmission.

The world needs more people like you :)

Peter Varvel said...

And right after Don's comment, "my circumcision piece," *chortle*.
Sorry, couldn't resist.

Sundry said...

You are displaying Olympic-level concentration there. Got your game face ON.