Friday, March 28, 2008

Literary Internet

I'd been paying attention to other internet sites like MySpace and Facebook. When I'm feeling mischevious, I google myself to see what I'm up to. Or I'll check MySpace and Facebook to see if anyone listed me as one of their favorite authors or listed one of my books as one of their favorite novels.

After years of neglecting MySpace, ignoring the "someone sent you a message" message--thinking its someone selling me porn--I finally logged on to see how my pathetic page was doing. I was shocked to see that I actually got messages from a few people who wanted to let me know that they're reading me. I sent out apologetic e-mails for my neglect.

I really do appreciate it when people tell me that they're reading my work. It reinforces the idea that I'm doing something right. I have writer friends telling me that their books didn't find publishers. These are really GREAT writers. This depresse me.

I talked to an agent-friend of mine who suggests that building an internet presence actually helps in publishing. If you can go to a publisher and say that you have thousands of friends on MySpace or thousands of hits on a blog, publishers will actually take that seriously. They'll think that you have potential readers who will buy your book (as opposed to the great writer who has no friends).

So, I have this blog. I have accounts with MySpace and Facebook, hoping it will be a smart business plan. Then, you know what? I find that the validation from just one person in internet land, who says says that "Letters to Montgomery Clift" is one of their faves or "Talking to the Moon" is a book they enjoy, spurs me on as a writer.

Oh, gawd! I'm codependent with the internet!


Sundry said...

That's cool to know about an Internet presence being of value.

I do think that a couple of opportunities have been made smoother for me because I could refer people to my blog.

Peter Varvel said...

Plus, "inter-net-course" offers the safety of distance for those with intimacy issues, LOL

mr jp said...

ohhhhhh so that's why you finally joined facebooookkk .

I thought I had a new online friend :(

Just kidding, facebook is kinda cool. Not sure about myspace though, it's pretty much an american thing...

thelastnoel said...

Sundry, I think blogging is a great venue to showcase your writing. I think it forces people to actually write bettr if they know tons of people will read it.

Peter, the internet has changed dynamics betwen couples.

JP, I'd be your friend even if this internet stuff wasn't around. It would take forever to get letters sent back and forth though.

├▒alang said...

check out the new york times article:

"why blog? reason no. 92: book deal."

the guy who writes "stuff white people like" hooked a $300,000 advance.

Don Cummings said...

If we could just write and not worry about sales, would we still give a flying load?