Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Literary Radio

Just listen to this if you want to write a novel:


Peter Varvel said...

Fantastic! Mr. Mosley confirms what I think many of us already intuitively know and understand, but it sure helps to read it or hear it said more than once!
It may seem like such simple directives: butt to chair, and pen to page (or fingers to keyboard, or whatever your chosen method may be). So why does it seem like such a difficult task at times?

Hugo Minor said...

Have you read From Where You Dream? I just read it last week. It's very interesting, because Butler is against writing draft after draft of a story or novel. He (rather boldly) says that draft writing is writing from your head (instead of your subconscious), and anytime you start writing from your head, it's tainted and the best thing to do is throw it away. His advice is very different from most writers, I think.