Monday, April 16, 2007

Literary Conversation: Liu and Min

I went to the Aloud Series at the Central Public Library. Aloud is a wonderful series where writers converse. Aimee Liu (bottom)interviewed Anchee Min...and the evening was wonderful. The women talked China like it was nobody's bizness. It was interesting seeing the two on stage. Liu, a Chinese American woman, talking with Min, born then raised in China's Cultural Revolution.
It was amazing listening to Min discuss life under Mao. This includes learning how to attack three people at once with rifle and bayonet. And pulling tapeworms from her ass (she got tapeworms from eating out of trashcans when she was hungry).
What was also illuminating was when Min thought that the best writer of China and her peopole was Pearl S. Buck, the subject of a future book of Min.

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jasonphoon said...

my grandad left china because of the cultural revolution. i wonder how different my life would be if that didn't happen.

omg , tapeworms .... urghhh