Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Literary Lounge

Not too long ago, I went to the relaunching of Buddha Lounge in West Hollywood. It was the first Weho nightspot that catered primarily to gay Asian men and their friends. It was quite a big deal considering that most clubs in the area were targeted toward (though not said overtly) a gay white crowd. I went to the opening of Buddha Lounge back in the nineties. Buddha Lounge and other clubs like it inspired my first successful literary venture: the writing of my first solo show, The Rice Room: Scenes from a Bar. (Postcard of the show above, taken by Shane Sato.)

The show was about exploring the lives of gay Asian men through the guise of a bar. Writing that show, which was all of 30 pages, gave me the confidence to try longer work, say a novel with 300 pages.

So, going to the relaunching of Buddha Lounge, an event that will happen on the first Saturday of each month at Ultra Suede in Weho, brought me back to a much more youthful time in my life when I wondered if I had what it took to be a writer.

I ran into some people that I hadn't seen in years. We're older and wider now. But that night, we laughed and hugged and pretended that turning 30 wouldn't happen for another 100 years.


Liz said...

This reminds me that I need to stop being so lazy and such a dreamer! I just need to do it.

Paul said...

Ah...Buddha lounge. I remember those days.

Sundry said...

Wonderful to hear this is back in your life.

I love this photo. I have the copy you graciouly sent me hanging on my wall in my writing studio.

Pete said...

Sounds like fun! Here in Atlanta we don't have a place like Buddha Lounge... there was one club that had "Asian night" once a week. But there's a great group of Asians and friends active here, and they're getting together Sunday.

Noel, thanks for your comment. I am giving a copy of "Letters to MC" to my Filipino friend next week.