Monday, February 19, 2007

Literary Book Tour

Book tours are a funny thing. Some authors will be put on a huge tour, taking them to cities on both coasts and parts in between. Others will be lucky to do an interview with their company newsletter. I proudly sent in my photo to be considered for the "Employee News" section of my company newsletter, thank you very much. Among announcements of employee birthdays and newly born babies, I'll get a mention that my second novel is published!

However, I'll also be having a spectacular tour of...Los Angeles. Cities that I'll be flying into include Los Feliz (Skylight Books on 2/24), East Los Angeles (Cal-state LA on 2/28), Pasadena (Vroman's on 3/2), and West Hollwyood (Booksoup on 3/3).

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Cheryl said...

At least this way your groupies can follow you around on your tour inexpensively.