Friday, January 19, 2007

Literary Relations

It's a good idea to maintain good relations with those people marketing your book. Late last year, I e-mailed the head of marketing to introduce myself and let her know that I'm available for whatever press she'd like me to do. I told the marketing folks that I have a background in Communications and understand the job they must do. I made it a point that I don't want to be a headache to them.

This is good advice to aspiring writers out there: Be nice to the Public Relations people. They are the ones who try to get the word about your book into the world.

I used to do Public Relations for an arts organization. I would get phone calls from artists who made my life hell. They would demand that I contact this newspaper or that radio station. Some of them would YELL at me, wondering why they weren't on the cover of the LA Times. The last thing I wanted to do was get idiots like that press coverage. I'd rather they crawl under a rock and stay there. Apparently, they did; I never heard another word from those demanding, egotisical types.

I was a much younger man then and I SWORE that I'd never behave that way. I think I've kept my word.

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Jason Phoon said...

Them people are kinda silly for yelling at the person who's publicizing their work. Okay, I'll keep that in mind. Not that I'm an aspiring write though. Oh well ...