Monday, January 29, 2007

Literary Disappearance

I ran into a novelist I hadn't seen in almost two years. He apologized for not being around. He dropped out of society trying to write his book. He is venturing out into the world again, making social events and such. I laughed because many writer friends--especially those working on book length projects--seem to drop out for months, years at a time. Suddenly, they're around again, making readings, showing up on panels, feeling bad for not showing up. I don't mind. Only other writers know the importance of going away for long periods of time. Coming out of seclusion, breathing fresh air is a wonderful thing.
My response to anyone who leaves for literary reasons, then returns: "Welcome back. We've missed you."


Jason Phoon said...

game programmers are not all that different. some go into seclusion for months too. and they don't see much sunlight.

I heard bears do the same too.

Don Cummings said...

Oh Man---The solitary life is so sweet and so trying! The transitioning! One must have friends.

princegomolvilas said...

Liar. You don't miss me.

The Moon Topples said...

Mr. Last Noel:

Can you send this post to my friends the next time I go into seclusion? Maybe they'd believe it coming from a third party.

I've been reading you ever since Sundry mistakenly assumed that we knew each other here in the blog world a week or so ago. You keep a nice blog.

Anyway, I've added a link on my page, to remind me to keep reading you.