Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Literary "Downpaging"

This is why my next book is coming out in soft-cover-- so my non-profit, artist, and other financially challendged friends and family will love me more. My second book can be got for less than $15!

"New releases of hard-cover novels cost $25 and more these days. If you buy just two a month, that's $600 a year."

From "Ten Sure Ways to Trim your Budget"

Read more from "Shouts and Murmurs" in the New Yorker:



Anonymous said...

I read that New Yorker article.

Ah---Hardcovers are nice. But let's push the softies!

Anonymous said...

Softcovers are more portable and easier to curl up on the couch with. No harsh edges to poke you in the leg...but I can imagine the book collectors of the future will debate the merit and value of first edition softcover books.

Sundry said...

Hey! Did I miss something? According to Amazon.com Talking to the Moon seems to be available... Is it actually out? When will it be out? I mean, I want to invite everyone to a reading!!!

Sundry said...


Did I miss something? Amazon.com seems to think that _Talking to the Moon_ is available to ship. Is this true?

I mean, I want to invite everyone to your reading!

JeD said...

I'm in the NP, driven by passion, financially challenged category too. Thanks for the foresighted assist.

:3 )