Friday, May 05, 2006

Literary Purchase

I did it. I made the purchase. I went with a Toshiba. (Thanks, Sally.) I'd been coveting a Toshiba laptop for years--ever since my first writing teacher bought one and gushed over it. Thanks you all for your suggestions. Sorry Apple people, I just couldn't make the switch from PC to Mac.

This may sound weird, but I felt like I'd reached a turning point in my writing life with this computer. I'd been tossing and turning about this purchase for almost year. Now, that I did it, I wondered what all the fuss was about.

Happy Days are here again!


Sundry said...

Love the photo selection for this entry! LOL!

Hope you enjoy your Toshiba as much as I have mine and that it gives you years and years of carefree service. And never, ever eats a word.


Jason Phoon said...

Erm , how does Happy Days go with a toshiba laptop ?

Anyhoo , congratulations on the purchase ! Toshiba's are hardy

Rich said...

Ya know what I heard, that every time a Mac is purchased an angel gets its wings...

LOL. The important part is that you're happy with your purchase and the creativity will continue to flow. I felt that way when I bought my first iBook. Enjoy!

[made on a Mac]

ProfessorGQ said...

enjoy your new laptop!!! I'm glad for you that you didn't buy a Dell