Monday, May 01, 2006

Literary Protest

I went to the "Day Without An Immigrant" Rally. What an awesome spectacle. I'd been to several rallies/marches in my life, but this beat it all! It was a record breaking crowd. Along the route, I spoke with actor Martin Sheen (above). He said that he's marching, because his parents were immigrants.

Immigrants and immigration is a recurring theme in my work. As a writer, I couldn't help but notice some of the writing printed on signs:

"Human Beings aren't illegal"

"Deport Bush"

"Immigrants are not criminals"

"End immigrant bashing and racial profiling"

"Illegal immigration began in 1492"

"You may hate us, but you need us"


Jason Phoon said...

Aren't everyone immigrants at one point or another ?

Sundry said...

It's an interesting dichotomy that so many European Americans are fascinated with tracing their roots back to their countries of origin, and proud of their heritage.

I'm interested in my German, Irish, English, Dutch ancestors (and probably more!). A lot of them weren't very welcome when they got here, either.