Saturday, April 22, 2006

Literary Waistline: Jollibee

I'm worried. Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain. I've eaten at Jollibee in The Philippines and Filipino neighborhoods in California. Thus far I've always had to drive long distances to find one. Now, they'd just opened a Jollibee near me, on Beverly and Vermont. (I guess someone thought it would be a good idea to open this Filipino phenomenon near Filipinotown).

I told some of my friends that a Jollibee was opening up and they said, "Are you SERIOUS?!?!?"

I ate there this week. I almost cried. Where else can I get delicious fried chicken along with Palabok, a scrumptious noodle dish. I almost cried because Jollibee is pure comfort food. I almost cried because I know that when the writing isn't going so well, I'll be making plenty o' trips to Jollibee. I almost cried because I wanted to shed some pounds before my book comes out...and this will make my goal a little harder to reach.

Damn you, Jollibee! Damn you! (picture me falling over, beating the floor with my fists)


ver said...

I once ate more than one (I refuse to recall the exact number) of Jollibee mango pies in a single sitting. The shame follows me wherever I go...

Cheryl said...

The word "chickenjoy" is definitely cause for alarm--it's a noun, it's a verb, it clearly promotes a depth and breadth of greasy eating.

Jamie said...

I've never heard of Jollibee! But your excitement reminds me of the way I feel about Zippy's, which is only in Hawaii. I've always wished they would open one in California so I could get a Zip-Min (saimin) or a Zip-Pack (rice, fried spam, fried chicken, fried fish). But no mango pies. Wow. That sounds good.

Jason Phoon said...

"Damn you jolibee !! Damn YOU!"

whoah that's dramatic..

Although I can't think of any food that could make me cry .. haha.

Rich said...

Ok, we're going to weigh you now and once again when the book comes out to see how "bad" you've been!

Angelo said...

Hi Noel.

Yeah, Zandro did tell me about that Jollibee. He found it amusing that Jollibee calls the burger patty with mushroom gravy a "burger steak."

Do they have the Champ there? That's my favorite, along with the chickenjoy and the Pinoy style spaghetti (meaty and sweet). Hehe!

Take care.

- Angelo :-)