Monday, December 05, 2005

Literary First

I am so close to a first draft of my third novel. Once a first draft is done, there's no going back.

Close. So close.


Paul said...

Go, baby, go!

Sundry said...

Very exciting! I like the photo, too!

Frederick Smith said...

Keep doing your thing, Noel! Congrats on almost finishing... quite a nice feeling, I can imagine.

Rich said...

Congrats! I assume then a second novel is close to hitting the shelves...?

Angelo said...

Woo woo woo!!!

Go Noel. I'm sure lots of people are already looking forward to read your second novel.

And by the time they finish that, they would want a third one.

I say "they" because I dunno if your novels would be sold here. :(

But I guess I can always ask friends to send me a copy. :)