Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Literary Muse: Monty Clift

Every once and awhile, I'll just think about the fine actor Montgomery Clift. I adore him. It is no coincidence that my first novel "Letters to Montgomery Clift" is about a boy who worhsips this star. On days like this one--when I'm sick like a dawg--my mind wanders. I still hope Monty's spirit is finally happy.


TS said...

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Icon Guy said...

What the---?! Noel, you can enable the word verification option in your blog in the COMMENT TAB in the CONTROL PANEL. This will prompt anyone who wants to post a comment to enter a "set of letters" to verify you're not a bot spammer.

These spammers are RObots.

Blogger is working on this. In the meantime the word verification option will greatly reduce the number of your spammers.

This advice is courtesy of Jonas Diego, who posted it on Carlo Vergara's blog, who like you, is on Angelo's Their Blogs List.

I'm looking forward to reading your Icon interview. Take care. Peace. :)

Cheryl said...

Hey Noel, I didn't know you had a blog! Love the title. And the slugs. And of course the BHQ post.

Paul Bens, Author of "Kelland" said...


Great blog! You inspired me! I didn't know you edited an ish of BHQ. Good on ya!

Anonymous said...

Love Monty, too!