Monday, September 19, 2005

literary kick-in-the-ass

Thanks to all for your positive response to my blog. It's much appreciated.

I got an e-mail from the the writer John Morgan Wilson (right). After reading my blog, he told me to get to work on my next novel and "no more procrastinating." Every once and awhile, I need a literary kick-in-the-ass. Wouldn't you know it, after reading John's e-mail, I spent twenty whole minutes on my novel and tweaked a short story that I'd been throwing around.

Twenty minutes was pretty good. I'm going through a down time with my writing--it happens. I have faith it'll pick up.

Check out John's website:

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MadProfessah said...

I love John Morgan Wilson! I may actually do some reviews of his books on my blog soon.

What do you think of his weho-based detective novel series with Benjamin Justice?