Monday, March 12, 2012

Style Fashion Week: The Men

I attended the opening night party for Fashion Week LA. It was in an "undisclosed location" in Bel-Aire. Of course, in an event like this you'd expect to see beautiful people in beautiful clothes. This party did not disappoint. Here are some pics of some of my favorite guys.

Oh, that smile

Love that shock of blue!

I loved this big guy--he was faaaabulous.

I liked the swagger of these two men. Comfortable, but not arrogant

Something tells me he's been in front of the camera before.

What an interesting face. He almost was shocked when I asked to take his picture.

I really liked these two. They just were kinda cool. No pretense.

Just men with nothing to prove.

Thre was a bow-tie theme, which I always think takes a confidant man to wear.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous men. I kept scrolling down, waiting to see a photo of you! Talk about gorgeous!

Sundry said...

Looks like you had a great time! You got some terrific pix. :D