Thursday, January 19, 2012

The LA Art Show is HERE!!!

I went to the opening night of the LA Art Show. What an amazing event. It's great to start off the year being exposed to art from all over the world. Galleries and artists make the trek to our glamorous city to see if we're intereted in paintings, sculture, prints. If you're wondering, you bet we are.

I spoke with one gallerist who had come for the past several years because the LA scene is so supportive of artists. Another gallerist said she has three different booths at the show to showcase work from the east coast. She contacted her west coast clients, and was happy to see that they came.

I'll be blogging about the event all weekend, so keep dropping by. The China Pavillion, Santa Fe Art, the Buddhist exhibit, Northern California galleries were a highlight for this writer. I'll be sharing images in the next few days.

One critique I had about last year's show was the lack of social commentary that art can provide. That was not the case this year as visitors were greeted with performance artists carrying signs educating us about rape. It grounded the evening, reminding us that art can inspire change and thought.

Upon entering, it seemed the energy changed quite drastically as we're greeted with a large fortune cookie!

The fortune cookie theme continued into the show...

There was a showing of some familiar names:
Jasper Johns


Joan Miro

There is a ton to see. Go check it out.

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