Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh, Japan

Here's a picture that I keep in my apartment. I'm all of 20 years old. I was booked on a commercial/print job for a Japanese company. I was just starting my creative life, so that period in my development will always be memorable for me.

I remember my audition. I had been smoking, but decided not to smoke that day. I didn't want to smell like cigarettes. I arrived at my audition, and it was for a cigarette commercial! They asked me if I'd be willing to smoke. Of course, I said, Yes! They must have seen the relief on my face when I inhaled. They hired me. I was flown to New Mexico with two other actors and had an AWESOME time.

Later that year, I visited Japan, and thought Tokyo was an incredible city. I thought the Japanese people were truly hospitable, and have always felt a kinship with them.

What's been going on in Japan has devastated me. The Japanese and Americans of Japanese descent that I've known have played an integral part of my life, and I know that they're hurting right now.
It's hard, but I know they'll recover. Their strength continues to inspire me.


Anonymous said...


What a great pic. There's nothing like being young and having fun, but being old and satisfied comes close.

We have a friend living in Tokyo, and were quite relieved to hear that he's fine. My high-school boyfriend still has family their on his mother's side, and they are all fine. I have wonderful memories of their influence, the food, culture, and kindness and remember how badly I wanted to join my parents on their numerous travels east.

They will recover, and as they do, the world will see their perseverance.

Thanks for listening.


StevenLiang said...

hey noel,

thanks for the post. it is impossible to fathom the level of destruction caused by the tsunami--how in a matter of minutes an entire city can be destroyed by a wave. disasters like this force us to re-examine so much...and our existence as human beings are tested in every respect.

Sundry said...

I've been thinking about the situation in Japan a lot lately. Shortly before the quake/tsunami I was whining on FB about not having heat or hot water for a few days. It's a small inconvenience compared to all they are enduring.

How come grown up Noel looks _just like_ baby Noel? Love your hair in this. The expression on your face in this shot is still in your emotional vocabulary. Well done.

thelastnoel said...

Thanks for commenting, Carson, Steve, and Sally. This is just miserable. But the Japanese are a strong people. They will come through.