Friday, October 22, 2010

Eileen Myles

Writer Eileen Myles read from her new book Inferno tonight at Skylight. I'd introduced her before and have always liked her. Read about her here. She's produced 20 books of fiction, essays and novels.

During her question and answer period, she talked about being lazy and how she tricks herself into writing. I thought, OMG, me, too! I'd been having a hard time writing. Well, I'd been writing in, but not putting thoughts on paper. Like these sentences that came to me while driving.

"You must break her heart," Mrs. Lomi told her oldest son. "Tell her everything a girl likes to hear, that you'll always love her, always take care of her. Tell her you'll never leave. Make her fall in love with you. Once she does, write her a note and tell her you found someone else. Tell her you never loved her afterall. She'll be devasted. You must do that. Break her heart."

"That's cruel, mom."

"That's nothing compared to what her family did to ours."

Frankly, it hurts to write. While my book of short stories is making the rounds, it's been painful. It was a relief hearing Eileen talk of her difficulties writing sometimes. Her latest book took ten years to write! I don't feel so bad now.

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