Monday, August 30, 2010

My First Painting--EVER!!!

I noticed that when the writing gets tough, I start to do other creative things. When I had a hard time writing Letters to Montgomery Clift, I began to sew. With Talking to the Moon I started to cook and engage in martial arts. Now, I picked up a paint brush.

All of this I know is just another means of expressing myself. If I don't write, I just feel awful, but if I'm doing something--anything--creative I feel I've accomplished something.

Yesterday, I just started painting. It was fun and relaxing, and I look forward to doing more of it.


Peter Wallace said...

Wow, very cool! Put it on ebay and I might bid on it! Seriously, how about auctioning it for charity? Keep it up. But don't let the writing suffer!

Little said...

I love it!

James Sie said...

Very moody, like it should be the cover art for SHARP TEETH. And your shirt looks good next to it too!

Cheryl said...

L.A. on a red-smog day? I dig it.

Dann said...

Good for you! I can certainly relate to some creative challenges you go through. What I've been doing -- as you probably know -- is more interviewing of people [like you!] and putting it on YouTube. It has turned into a show called IN BED WITH DANN & KELLY.

I guess all in all it's 'okay' because it's all about CREATING. Keep painting, Noel. :)